Fill in Ticket Type Details

To create Ticket Type for Event fill in the following details on Add Ticket Type Page:

Name - Ticket Type name.

Description - Ticket Type description, displayed under Ticket Type name on Event Page.

Type - Paid, Free or Donation. For Paid Ticket Type price and fees settings should be specified. Free Ticket Type doesn't have price and fees. Donation Ticket Type implies that donation amount will be specified by Contact and is subject to Eventgrid Fee and Credit Card Fee.  

Eventgrid Fee Paid By / Credit Card Fee Paid By - Promoter or Contact - fees paid for each purchased ticket by Promoter or Contact. Fees pricing information can be found on Eventgrid Pricing page.

Price Type - Single Price or Multiple Prices. If Multiple Prices option is selected, three price values should be specified - for adult, child and senior.

Price - Ticket Type cost that includes Eventgrid Fee (and Credit Card Fee if ticket is paid by Credit Card).

Tax (optional) - percentage of Tax amount that will added to Price.

Quantity - number of tickets available for Ticket Type.

Min Tickets per Order - minimum number of tickets that is allowed for single purchase.

Max Tickets per Order - minimum number of tickets that is allowed for single purchase.

Status - Open or Hidden. Hidden Ticket Types are not displayed on Event Page.

Advanced Options:

Add Additional Fee - if this option is checked, you can set additional percentage or flat amount fee that will be added to ticket price.

Set a limited period for sales - if this option is checked, you can set date interval when tickets are available for purchasing.

Use Waitlist when ticket type sells out - if this option is checked, waitlist functionality will be available for this ticket type.

Hide this ticket type from event page - this option allows to hide ticket type from Event page.

Once you have filled in Ticket Type details you should save your Ticket Type using Save button in upper right corner.

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