Creating Seating Chart in Seating Chart Designer

  1. Click Seating Chart tab in menu on the right and upload background image for your seating chart using Add Image link (optional).
  2. Click Seats tab, drag and drop Section element to your chart
  3. Set up section settings:

    Name of Section - unique name for each chart section

    Check Hide Section Name option if you don't want section name to be displayed on your chart.

    Grid Size - number of seats in each row and number of rows respectively.

    Curve and Skew - values that help to adjust section view.

    Rows/Seats - rows or seats numbering (1,2,3 - digital; A,B,C - alphabetic; None).

    Start with - first number or letter in a row.

    Reverse Direction - changes numbering direction for rows or seats.

    Skip Hidden Rows/Seats - to hide seats select seats, right click on selection and click hide button. Check this option to skip numbering for hidden row or seats.

 4. Add few more sections for your Seating Chart, adjust sections' settings and click Save button to save Seating Chart.

 Once you have finished editing your Seating Chart click Back to Venues button to save Venue and assign tickets to your Seating Chart.   


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